Teaching Assistant Positions

TAships are normally posted in October for the Spring semester,  in February for the Summer semester, and in June for the Fall semester.  These positions are posted on the Human Resources website, and on the Philosophy Department's website. All postings are normally open for two weeks. 

Click on the link below for details about the positions available: 

Fall 2024 TA Positions (posted June 24; deadline to apply 5:00 pm July 8, 2024) - download Application Form

TA Priority List for the Department of Philosophy

Please see Policies on Equity and Privacy, below.

Resources for Sessionals and Teaching Assistants

The following links will help you get your medical coverage and other benefits, as well as help you learn how to become a better teacher.

Department of Philosophy course descriptions

Human Resources:  TSSU Member Benefit Plan

TSSU collective agreement

Graduate Student Society:  Graduate Student Benefit Plan

Medical Insurance information for Graduate Student TAs (explains how the benefit plans can work with each other)

TLC:  TA/TM Day/ see other TLC workshops

Graduate Studies:  Professional Development Opportunities

Protection of SFU Data on Mobile Devices - What you must do if you plan to store your students' information (includes student numbers, grades) on a mobile device

Medical Coverage

Please note, if you are not a TA or TSSU member, you will need to cover your MSP payments as this is not included in the Grad Students Health and Dental extended health insurance coverage.

There are more details on grad student benefits here: 
Grad Student Services
and here:
I Have A Plan

Access to this teaching portal is restricted to philosophy faculty members, graduate students, teaching assistants, and sessional instructors. If you do not have access, but believe you should, please contact the Department Secretary.

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