NOTE: If you have a lapse between appointments as a TSSU member, you need to re-apply for MSP coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions - ISHF/MSP

How can I tell if SFU is paying my MSP (ISHF)?

Enrollment in MSP/Group Plan is not automatic, and members must apply for coverage by submitting an application along with a copy of their study permit to tssubens@sfu.ca. Once your enrollment has been processed you will see the monthly premiums paid on your behalf on your paystub.

I registered for SFU group enrollment but HIBC/Revenue Services continues to send me bills, what do I do?

There are delays with the process, and HIBC updating their records. If you applied for coverage and receive an invoice please do not pay this if it is for a month that you should be covered.

Please refer to the following flowchart to determine how you should proceed with the invoice: ISHF Invoice Process.

Revenue Services of BC has provided assurance that there will be no financial implications as a result of unpaid invoices. No late fees will be imposed, credit ratings will not be impacted and your ability to access medical services will not be affected.

When will SFU start paying for my ISHF? 

Payment for the ISHF during an individual’s period of employment will begin the first day of the month in which the application is received by Human Resources, or the first day of the first month of their semester of employment, whichever date is later, provided you have an active appointment and satisfy eligibility requirements.

How long will my application take to be processed?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for Health Insurance BC to process your application. 

Revenue Services has indicated that they will not be reimbursing ISHF paid by members. Therefore, we encourage you to enroll in the SFU Group ISHF Plan as soon as you are able.

Do I need to re-apply for SFU to pay my ISHF each semester?

After you enroll in the SFU Group Plan for the International Student Health Fee, the University will be paying the monthly Health Fee on your behalf while you maintain an active TA/TM/SI appointment.

If you have a lapse in appointment as a TSSU member, you will need to re-apply.