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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Planning Events & Meetings

Planning accessible events and meetings

All events sponsored by SFU are expected to be inclusive of, and accessible for people with disabilities. When planning an event, take accessibility into account from the outset as opposed to considering accessibility as a compliance issue or an afterthought. Planning accessible events ensures that people with disabilities have equal opportunity to fully engage and participate at your function. Planning an accessible meeting or event will benefit all of your attendees.

SFU resources for planning accessible events

Additional guides and resources

The Government of British Columbia’s Accessibility and Inclusion Toolkit contains information on hosting inclusive meetings and events. You can also reference the Guide to Planning Inclusive Meetings published by the Government of Canada for important information to consider before planning your meetings. The Council of Ontario Universities’ Accessible Campus website has an Accessible Event & Conference Planning guide which contains guides and checklists for everything related to accessible event and conference planning. For tips on making your virtual events accessible, see Prioritizing Accessibility in Organizing Online Events. Autistic United Canada has published an Auto-Captioning Starter Guide to help improve sound access in meetings, events, presentations, and lectures.

For information on using live-transcription for Zoom meetings and webinars, check out SFU IT Services’ Live transcription How-To Guides.