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Autism Mentorship Initiative

AMI will not be running for the 2024/2025 year

Are you an SFU student diagnosed with autism?

If so, we have a free service called the Autism Mentorship Initiative (AMI) designed especially for you!

What is the Autism Mentorship Initiative?

The AMI starts every September (fall term) and runs until the following May (end of spring term). The goals of the service are to enhance your social experience and connection to the University community and to help support your academic success.

You will be matched up with a SFU student who has received specialized training as a mentor. Individual circumstances may vary, but on average, you will meet one-on-one with your mentor about once per week, for 1-2 hours at a time.

You and your mentor will identify areas of interest or concern to explore over the course of each semester. Focus areas may include topics such as: improving your academic skills (e.g., effectively structuring your study time); communication and interpersonal skills (e.g., how to talk with a professor or another student); or finding out about campus activities and resources; or the two of you may meet up simply to connect, talk about life at school, and enjoy the university campus. The theme of these weekly meetings can be fluid, adjusting to your evolving interests or emerging concerns.

To help us develop the best program possible you will be asked to complete some questionnaires throughout your involvement with the AMI. Participation in this is not mandatory. 

How to Apply

If you are a current or incoming SFU student diagnosed with autism and would like to learn more or apply to participate in AMI, please fill out the following form.  A Program Coordinator will contact you directly in response to your inquiry.  

SFU Student Status
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Best Way to Contact You

Please type into the box below any questions or additional information relevant to this application that you would like to share (optional):

For more information about the AMI, please contact us at or via phone at 778-782-3112. 

If you are interested in becoming an AMI Mentor, please continue to the AMI Mentor Information page.