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SFU Admission

All applicants, including those with disabilities, must meet the admission requirements of SFU. We request that applicants do not submit their disability documentation to the CAL until after they have been admitted to the university and have decided to attend courses for the upcoming term.

Disclosing a Disability on your University Application

SFU respects that disclosure is a personal decision.  The University does not inquire regarding a person's disability status as part of their application to the university.  Disability status is not taken into consideration when vetting admission applications, except where an individual opts to apply through the Diverse Qualifications process and sites disability as a relevant issue.  

Diverse Qualifications

SFU seeks to attract the most academically qualified students, but is also interested in students who meet the minimum admission standards and have demonstrated commitment or excellence in other endeavours, or who have succeeded in their studies in spite of difficult circumstances. Through the Diverse Qualifications (DQ) program, up to 10% of new SFU students are admitted by taking these factors into account. To be considered under this policy, you must meet the university minimum admission average for your admission category, the University's minimum academic admission requirements, as well as our English language and quantitative skills requirements. As part of your DQ application you will be asked to provide a Personal Information Profile, which will afford you the opportunity to describe your special accomplishments, special situation, hardships or difficulties, and community service.