Academic and Program Documents


Upload one pdf document containing the following:

  1. Your most recent SFU advising transcript (using “Term view”)
  2. An official transcript from your institution, if you are applying as a visiting student

Field School Deposit Refund Policy

Please read and sign the Field School Deposit Refund Policy. On the online application, you will be required to upload a scanned copy of the signed Field School Deposit Refund Policy.

Personal Documents


Upload your standard 1-2 page resume (including education, employment history, volunteer experience and interests).

If you do not have a resume (or have one you’d like to update), we suggest you attend a workshop or meet with an advisor from SFU Career Services and then upload it for your field school application.

Statement of Interest

Please write a 250-500 word statement about why you want to participate in a field school. Think of the statement as a written interview. You should include: 

  • Why you want to go (academic reasons, career prospects, personal interests, etc.)
  • What impact the field school will have on you (academically, personally, and/or professionally)
  • Any relevant experience you have had
  • Why you should be selected to go

If there are extenuating circumstances you would like to share with the selection committee, please include them in your statement of interest.


Upload a passport-style photo of yourself. Selfies are accepted as long as they meet the criteria listed (see image below).

Supported file formats: .jpeg, .gif, .png, or similar photo file (please do not submit a .pdf or .doc file)

Passport Scan

A scanned copy of the photo page of your valid passport. Your passport must be valid for the time period covering the Field School AND for the subsequent six months. It is your responsibility to ensure that your passport is valid for the appropriate duration.

Passport about to expire or already expired?
 Upload a copy of the receipt you received when you applied for your renewal, or upload your expired/expiring passport and a document stating your name, student number, and details on when you will be applying for your renewal.

Don’t have a passport? Upload a copy of the receipt you received when you applied for your passport, or upload a document stating your name, student number, and details on when you will be applying for your passport.

Referral Information

On the online application, you will be required to input referral information about how you heard about the Field School program. You will also be asked whether or not you have attended any Study Abroad advising and information sessions.

Academic Reference

You must have at least one academic referee who is teaching you or has taught you in the past. They can be either a:

  • SFU professor/instructor OR
  • SFU graduate-level TA, SFU lab instructor, or professor from another university or college (for transfer students only)
Please note that Greece Field School applicants require 1 academic and 1 personal reference.


Step One

Choose your reference(s). We recommend selecting a class you have done fairly well in. Also consider how well the professor knows you. For example, did you speak in class? Was it a large lecture, or small class size? Did you attend their office hours? How long ago was the class? How many classes have you had with them? Are they an advocate of study abroad or international research?

Your referee will be asked:

  • How long they have known you and in what capacity
  • The relevance of the field school to your career
  • Areas of weakness
  • Adaptability to new cultures
  • An overall rating (potential, motivation, adaptability, maturity) of your suitability for a field school.

Step Two

Contact your referee to request permission to send them an online reference request through the Study Abroad System. This should be requested as soon as possible to meet the application deadline.

When asking your referee to complete the online form, we suggest providing them with the following documents:

  • Current transcript
  • Resume
  • Brief statement about why you want to go on the field school 

See 'How to ask for a reference letter'.

Step Three

Once the referee agrees to be your academic reference, you can send them the online form through your application.

Step Four

Your referee will receive the online form via email. You will receive an email once they have submitted their reference form, and the Study Abroad System will indicate that their reference is complete.

Note 1: The Field School Director may not act as your referee.
Note 2: For the Italia Design Field School, SIAT students who have completed (with a minimum of B+) or are completing IAT 233 and 338 do not need to submit an outside reference letter.
Note 3: For the dutchDesign Field School, SIAT students who have completed or are completing IAT 338 or IAT 438 do not need to submit a reference letter.


Once you have begun your online application, please pay your $250.00 deposit to International Services for Students (read Field School Deposit Refund Policy).

The deposit is used towards the program fees, and will only be refunded if the application is not accepted or the Field School is cancelled.

Payment can be made to International Services for Students with certified cheque, bank draft, money order, debit or credit card.

International Services for Students 
Simon Fraser University
MBC 1200, 8888 University Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 1S6

Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm.

We do not accept cash or personal cheques.

Your application will not be considered unless you have paid this $250.00 deposit by the application deadline.

How to apply as a non-SFU student

Qualified students from institutions other than SFU are eligible to participate, but must first gain admission into SFU as visiting students. Visiting students must arrange for transfer credit with their home institution. 

Please contact International Services for Students at to inquire about the application procedure for visiting students.

All Field School participants will be required to sign a program specific Waiver upon acceptance into the Field School (Do not submit a signed waiver with your application). Please read the Sample Waiver carefully.

Study Abroad Application System

1) Register for a Study Abroad System account.

2) Log in as a student.

3) Research and select a field school to begin your application. Eligibility requirements are listed on each field school page. 

4) Review application instructions and complete them in any order.

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