Funding and Costs

How much does it cost to study abroad? It depends on a number of things, such as the program you choose and where you go. It may not cost as much as you think...


You pay your regular tuition and student fees to SFU and not to your host institution. Living costs will be paid abroad.

The cost of exchange varies greatly depending on where you decide to go. Aside from the flight, it is mostly the cost of living abroad that determines how expensive (or not) your exchange term will be.

For example, an exchange term in Taipei will usually cost significantly less than an exchange term in Paris, simply due to the cost of living. Vancouver has a very high cost of living, so many destinations will seem less expensive than what you are used to. However, your costs may increase if you decide to travel or socialize more on exchange than you would here at SFU.

See the Exchange Budget Planning Worksheet for a detailed breakdown of the various costs you will need to consider. To see what past exchange students have spent on their exchange, see our Exchange Student Reports.

Field Schools

You pay your tuition and student fees to SFU. You also pay a program fee that covers the majority of your costs for your time abroad; specific details are posted on the page for each field school.

The program fees for field schools vary depending on your field school destination, what is included, and how long they run.

Even if studying abroad costs more than a regular term at SFU, there is much evidence suggesting that the 
investment pays off.

There are also a wide range of ways to fund your study abroad .