Identity & Inclusion

Studying abroad is a very personal experience that can impact how you perceive and navigate different intersecting aspects of your own identity and sense of belonging in a new cultural context abroad.   
Identities are intersectional and place based. Identities that may be privileged in Canada may not experience the same privilege in your host country/region. Similarly, identities that may be marginalized in Canada may be valued by your host country/region. In addition to learning about yourself and your place in a diverse world, being aware of how a host country/region’s multifaceted society and context relate to your identity can help facilitate a smoother transition and allow you to engage with new people and places more authentically. Encounters with new cultures can foster fruitful dialogues, promote opportunities for new learnings, and create potential identity shifts. To ensure that you are prepared for these new experiences, we encourage you to learn about the communities and country/region among which you will live and study abroad.

The resources below are a starting point and have been created to help you navigate your identity within a new cultural context for a positive and inclusive study abroad experience. By understanding these resources, you can make informed decisions and take proactive measures to tackle any situation that may arise.

This page will be updated with additional content as we work on building identity-based resources for study abroad. If you have any feedback, please do let us know at 

What is Intersectionality?

“Identity isn’t simply a self-contained unit. It is a relationship between people and history, people in communities, people in institutions.” - Kimberlé Crenshaw

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GENERAL RESOURCES for Travelling and Diversity Abroad


Accessibility Abroad

Indigenous Student Success Abroad

International Students


Country-Specific Resources

Here are some resources that may help you in researching about potential host destinations. Please note that not all countries/regions are included in the links provided.

Travel advice and advisories -

  • Resource from the Government of Canada which covers most country/region’s risk level, safety and security, entry and exit requirements, health, laws and culture, natural disasters, and climate.

Country-Specific Identity Resources | IES Abroad

  • Includes both general and identity-specific resources for some countries, such as race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, religion and spirituality, disability, mental health, and dietary restrictions.

Travel Abroad Diversity and Inclusion Country Guides | Diversity Abroad

  • You can access the country list under the “Countries” tab. You can find information on events, tourism, cities, diversity and inclusion climate, health and safety, some funding opportunities, and additional resources for certain countries/regions.