Returning Students

We hope you had a fabulous time during your field school and we look forward to hearing about your experience. Now that you are back there are a few things to do if you have not already done so...

Transitioning Back Home

The last thing that people expect when they return home is difficulties re-adapting to Canadian culture and life. Expect it. Your interests and values may have changed, while those of your friends and family may have not. People may tire of hearing about your ‘trip’.

You may find that life in Vancouver is boring. Everything is more interesting ‘over there’ (or cheaper, or tastier, or warmer, or better). You will have been with the group and possibly travelled independently for the last several months, and you may now have to move back home and readjust. It is important to keep a sense of humour and to be patient and sensitive.

Once back in Vancouver you may want to organize a field school reunion for your group to swap photos and share memories of your experiences during and after the field school. Some students find creating their own website or connecting through social media a great way to relive and share their field school and travel experiences.

My SSP and SFU Health and Counselling services are also available to you should you need assistance in your transition back home. 

Post-Field School Promotional Expectations

As per your Field School Student Acknowledgment, you are required to participate in a minimum of one activitiy for Field School/Study abroad promotions. 

How can I fulfill my post-field school promotional expectations?

  • There are various opportunities to assist International Services for Students with events and activities such as participating in SFU field school information sessions and orientations. We will notify past participants as these opportunities become available but should you be interested in a specific event, please contact
  • Humans of SFU Study Abroad: Share your experience and photos with the SFU community through this weekly series! The series is posted to our social media accounts. To participate, send 3 photos or a video (30 seconds or less) and a short paragraph about your field school experience (roughly 100 words) to For example, you can talk about your transition to your new academic environment/home, academic/cultural similarities and differences, new food/dining experiences, cost of living, etc. There are endless themes to explore.
  • Faculty/department activities or other campus opportunities. If you see other ways to fulfill your post-exchange promotional expectations not on this list, please check in with us at to confirm if we can consider it an activity that will fulfill you requirement.

SFU Study Abroad Photo Contest

Enter to win cash prizes for your Study Abroad (Exchange/Field School) photos.

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