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Biology Public Calendars

Public calendars, unlike shared calendars, can be accessed from your mobile devices.  If you have events you would like posted to either of these calendars, please send your request to bisccal@sfu.ca.

BISC Academic Events

Click here to view:

  • C2D2
  • Departmental Seminars
  • Les Ecologists
  • Thesis Defenses
  • Special Events

BISC Important Dates and Deadlines

Click here to view:

  • stat holidays, university closures, etc.
  • parties and social events (Welcome Party, Majors' Day, etc.)
  • internal deadlines (departmental meetings, scholarships, study leave applications, etc.)
  • academic dates (first/last day of class, course evals, exam period, grades due, etc.)
  • TSSU-related reminders (TUGS due, W/L reviews, TA rankings due, TA applications due, etc.)
  • financial (paydays, semester and year-end cut-offs, etc.)

How to add the Biological Sciences Calendars to your SFU Mail account

You will need to add each Calendar separately.  Please follow the directions below: 

  1. To add a public calendar log into your SFU Mail account and go into your Calendar using the button on the top left .
  2. Click on "Add calendar" at the top.
  3. Choose "From internet"
  4. Copy and paste link to the desired calendar:
    • BISC Academic Events: 
      • webcal://mail.sfu.ca/owa/calendar/58d1a95953184c14a12defe38180e5b0@sfu.ca/c42b67366e6248129c52dba03b8c30ba17660161997225211486/S-1-8-3924871271-1933172846-1134085453-2992799864/reachcalendar.ics
    • BISC Important Dates and Deadlines:
      • webcal://mail.sfu.ca/owa/calendar/58d1a95953184c14a12defe38180e5b0@sfu.ca/ed5629dbb2b14e19bfda4ed7455beca99007184801083552053/S-1-8-3924871271-1933172846-1134085453-2992799864/reachcalendar.ics
  5. Give the Calendar a name
  6. Click on "Save" and the calendar should populate.  By right-clicking the calendar, you'll be able to rename, remove, and change the color of the calendar.
*The recommended brower to use for SFU Mail is Firefox.  If another browser is used some functions may not work properly.