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The Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology Research Group comprises a broad group of researchers in Biological Sciences at SFU.  The group was established in February 1989 to pursue basic research in the field of evolutionary and behavioural ecology, utilizing a wide range of study organisms, including plants, insects and other invertebrates, fish, birds, and mammals (including humans), and has evolved over time to include conservation ecology, evolutionary biology, and other affiliated disciplines.

There are 15 faculty and more than 90 graduate students associated with the group, as well as several post-doctoral fellows. These students come from all over the world, and are provided with a coherent suite of graduate courses, and a supportive and interactive research environment, including periodic retreats and a weekly seminar series, Les Ecologistes.

Students interested in pursuing graduate research (MSc or PhD) in evolutionary and behavioural ecology are encouraged to write to an individual faculty member regarding possible supervision.  For more information about the Group, contact the Director, Dr. Ron Ydenberg.


Evolutionary & Behavioural Ecology Research Group Members


Felix Breden  (Population Genetics & Genomics)
Jenny Cory  (Insect & Pathogen Ecology) Host-Parasite co-evolution
Isabelle Côté  (Marine Ecology and Conservation)
Bernie J. Crespi  (Molecular Phylogenetics)
Nicholas K. Dulvy  (Marine Biodiversity & Conservation)
Elizabeth Elle  (Community and Evolutionary Ecology)
David J. Green  (Avian Ecology)
Michael Hart  (Evolutionary genetics of speciation)
Arne Mooers  (Biodiversity, Phylogeny & Evolution)
Jonathan Moore (Aquatic Ecology and Conservation)
Wendy J. Palen  (Ecology of Aquatic Communities)
John D. Reynolds  (Aquatic Ecology & Conservation)
Tony D. Williams  (Ecological, Evolutionary Physiology)
Ronald C. Ydenberg  (Behavioural Ecology)