New Students

I've been accepted...Now what? 

Domestic & International Students: 

  1. Contact your Senior Supervisor and check out your labs 
  2. Get your SFU ID/Library card (3000 level Maggie Benston Center, LINK
  3. Get Canadian SIN Card (LINK)
  4. Contact the BPK Graduate Program Assistant ( for:
    • Information, Course Registration, Tuition payment, Graduate Student resources and forms, Scholarships/Awards
    • Get a mailbox/keys, access to the Grad Lounge (K8504), Photocopy room (K9635), and TA Office (K8619) 
  5. Contact the BPK Financial Assistant (Maggie Yeung - for: 
    • RA/TA-ship assignment, general financial inquiries, financial reimbursement issues