Christina Holmes

Graduated from SFU in 2009

Major: Kinesiology

Degrees Received: BSc

Additional Credentials: 
Certificate in Health & Fitness Studies

Christina is currently an ICBC funded Active Rehabilitationist and Personal Trainer.


Christina has 13 years of experience in active rehabilitation, working with clients who have had a range of ailments such as severe orthopedic trauma and soft tissue injuries, sport injuries, complex chronic pain, post-concussion syndrome, acquired brain injury and stroke. Christina focuses on mind and body awareness, assessing and treating postural and joint alignment, functional movement patterns and muscle imbalances to create a more functional and symmetrical body, decreasing pain and increasing stability, movement, strength and performance.


1) What is your current position? What does a typical work day look like for you?   

I am an ICBC funded Active Rehabilitation Specialist and Personal Trainer, specializing in one-to-one rehabilitation. This covers many aspects of rehabilitation including modified exercise programming, pain management, self-care strategies, and concussion management. One of my main tasks is performing and documenting biomechanical and functional ability assessments. I am also responsible for preparing initial intakes and progress reports delegated by the fee payer.

2) How did your education in BPK influence your career?

Much of the coursework in the SFU BPK program provided me with the foundational education of body mechanics, exercise science, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, neuroanatomy, control of movement, and assessment.

3) Who in BPK had an impact on you and why?

Darleen and Barbara were great co-operative education leaders, which helped me gain real life work experience during my studies. Additionally, I had some amazing professors (Dr. Bawa, Dr. Anthony, Dr. Hoffer, Mr. Leyland, and Mr. Dill) as well as teaching assistants.

4) What is your favourite memory of your time at SFU as an undergraduate?

One of my favourite memories was helping out Steve Mah, former physiotherapist, in the athletic department. I also enjoyed learning about physical assessments for injuries, and I found the hands-on aspects of my anatomy courses very engaging.

5) What advice would you give to today’s BPK student? 

Take full advantage of study groups, pair with other students to help each other. I also recommend co-operative education; it provides a lot of valuable work experience during your time as an undergrad.