Daniel Ciarniello

Graduated from SFU in 2019

Major: Kinesiology

Degrees Received: BSc

Additional Credentials:

Daniel is currently a Case Manager at Canada Life.

Daniel's LinkedIn


My name is Daniel Ciarniello! I began my SFU journey in Biological Sciences and mid-way through I made the transfer to BPK. While in BPK, I participated in the co-op program and also gauged my interest in research through an NSERC. By the end of my undergrad, I gravitated towards courses focused on occupational health and rehabilitation. After undergrad, I began working in different roles in the insurance industry and am now also pursuing a Master in Disability Management.


1) What is your current position? What does a typical work day look like for you?   

Currently, I work as a case manager. I am responsible for evaluating medical information and job duties as part of managing disability claims. A typical work day involves communicating with invovled parties and proactively planning return to work efforts.

2) How did your education in BPK influence your career?

My education in BPK helped me become familiar with medical terminology as well as effective communication styles. Summarizing information and translating it in an understandable way or applying motivational interviewing techniques to a conversation are just a couple different communication skills I continue to use. The challenges that come with a dense undergrad course load also helped refine my ability to prioritize tasks and set deadlines.

3) Who in BPK had an impact on you and why?

I found there was a culture within BPK of challenging yourself to try new things and broaden your network, whether it was through co-op, research, associations, etc…  The BPK faculty played a large role in highlighting and promoting such opportunities. My peers around me also impacted my BPK experience, as there is so much that can be learned through conversation and shared experiences.

4) What is your favourite memory of your time at SFU as an undergraduate?

This might be a controversial opinion, but I think fondly on the group work assignments! I learned a lot from my peers, and ultimately a lot about myself in these moments. In this field, you will inevitably have to work in cooperation with others at some point. While group work can come with its own challenges, I believe there can be a lot to commend yourself on regardless of the outcome. Whether you find your voice as a leader, learn to compromise, make a friend, broaden your knowledge or network – no matter the case, it can be a great opportunity to develop into the working professional you aspire to be.

5) What advice would you give to today’s BPK student? 

I always liked the expression “be comfortable with being uncomfortable”. That being said, I found that undergrad can be a difficult and challenging time. Everyone experiences their own academic journey, and the best advice I can give is to focus on what makes you content and what challenges you in the best way possible. If that at some point includes broadening your interests to new opportunities, I believe there is no better place to try something new than in undergrad!