Dasha Maslennikova

co-owner of Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab Specialists

About Dasha:

Dasha, the new co-owner of Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab Specialists, is a kinesiologist with 6 years of clinical, sport and gym experience. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and a Health and Fitness Certificate. Dasha currently specializes in aquatic therapy in the pool, and active rehabilitation and personal training in the gym. She has experience working with athletes on lacrosse and hockey teams, chronic pain clients, cardiac rehabilitation clients and everyone in-between.

Dasha has a mind-body approach to training; she understands that motivation, building healthy habits, and goal setting are just as important as routine training sessions in the gym. She is passionate about helping people improve their function, movement and strength. Dasha loves to see others achieve their goals and deeply cares about her clients’ success. She has a passion for growing and nurturing her community and she likes to learn new things and take on new challenges.

What is your current position? What does a typical work day look like for you?
Clinical director at Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab. Each day is different, I do client work at one of our two studios  2 or 3 days a week, and work on business development and overseeing our kinesiologists on the remaining days. I see my typical day as solving problems and helping people with their health and wellness.

Why did you choose SFU?
SFU has the best kinesiologist program, it is very science oriented and practical.

How did your education in BPK influence your career?
My degree opened many doors, but mainly it allowed me to work as a kinesiologist. After a few years I was able to open my own studio. My degree has given me a depth of understanding for clinical care necessary to lead my team.

Who in BPK had an impact on you and why?
There were so many amazing professors, TA's and support staff it's hard to narrow it down. Victoria Clayton was an amazing professor to work with. I loved her cardiology class. Richard Ward has amazing energy and made statistics so interesting for me and my class. There are many others but these two stand out right now.

Where did you spend most of your time on campus?
Two places, the gym or the pool. I was either in the gym working out, or playing water polo in the SFU pool.

What on campus food do you miss?
Renaissance coffee as a favourite of mine.

What is your favourite SFU snow story?
I thought it was so hilarious that on a snow day some students would use the lunch trays from the caf to sled down the side of Burnaby mountain.

What is your favourite memory of SFU?
I loved sitting on the grass studying, and taking study breaks in the avocado. I really miss those days!

What advice would you give to today’s BPK student?
Try to find something the is especially interesting to you in your courses, you interest will drive you to success in that field. Also, don't leave any course work until the last minute, it never works out well.

What is one thing about SFU that must not change?
The quality of instruction and research the profs are doing. This elevated the caliber of the courses and made my education invaluable.