BPK Peer Mentorship Program

The BPK Peer Mentorship Program is a student-driven initiative by the BPK Student Association (BPKSA) that aims to strengthen the BPK community by connecting new students with upper division students. We want to give our wonderful first-years the most successful, easiest and fun transition into SFU life!

Are you a first-year or a newly transferred student? Request a Mentor!

The BPK Peer Mentorship Program is open to all incoming and first year BPK students. Once you sign up for the program, you will be paired with a BPK student, who has demonstrated excellent academic and engagement abilities and who will become your social and academic resource over your first two school terms. Your BPK Mentor will provide you with knowledge that no university classroom can give: how to successfully adjust to SFU! Your Mentor will be a friendly, outgoing individual who was once in the same situation as you now are. They will listen, guide, encourage and try to answer any questions you might have.

To sign up, please go to the BPKSA site here.

Are you a third or fourth year student at BPK? Become a Mentor!

As a senior BPK student you have accumulated wonderful knowledge over your time here at SFU and we wish to harness that wisdom for incoming first year BPK students to ensure successful transition into life here at our university. We are looking for mentors that are highly engaged students who have proved themselves academically as well as through volunteer opportunities, as students who can take on whatever university life has to throw at them. We want people who enjoy the pursuit of their degree, participating in extracurricular activities and are now looking to support and guide an incoming student. Your participation as a mentor will further the success and integration of that new student in a profound way.

Head over to the BPKSA website for more information on how to become a mentor!