National Bank Financial Award

The National Bank Financial Endowment Fund was originally established in 1989 by First Marathon Securities Limited. Following the acquisition of First Marathon Securities Limited by National Bank Financial, the fund’s name was officially changed to the National Bank Financial Endowment Fund in 2002. The endowment fund was set up to encourage Kinesiology students who wish to pursue a career in Sport Science or the Fitness Industry Awards will be made annually from a portion of the income earned from the Endowment Fund. A portion of annual earned income will be reinvested in the Endowment Fund to protect its value over time.

In the event that circumstances make the specified use of the Endowment Fund no longer practicable or desirable, the Board of Governors of Simon Fraser University is hereby authorized to make any changes it may deem necessary in the terms or use of the Endowment Fund or the National Bank Financial Award in Kinesiology, such changes, however, to be in keeping, as far as possible, with the original spirit and general intent of the Endowment Fund.

The National Bank Financial Award is a one-term award available annually and valued at approximately $2,000. It is offered in the Fall term to a student interested in developing a career in a health-related field. The student must have an approved major in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology and have completed a minimum of 60 units of course work with a CGPA of 3.00 or higher.

In the event that a suitable candidate has not been identified and the award has gone unfulfilled by September 1st of the year, applications will be considered in December for the Spring term with the selection to be made and announced in early January of the following year. The award will be made by the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee on the nomination of the Chair, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology.

How to Apply

Awards will be given based on nominations only. BPK undergraduate students will be notified via email about the application process once the award is available.