Second Degree

Students interested in completing a second degree in the Kinesiology program normally hold a B.Sc. or equivalent. A second degree in Kinesiology requires the completion of 45 Upper Division credit hours as well as all lower division requirements.

Prospective students should apply online via My BC Campus. Applicants who meet the general admission requirements to Simon Fraser University will initially be admitted to a non-degree program. Approval into the Kinesiology major program is assessed by the Kinesiology Undergraduate Advisor on an individual basis based on the completion of the following SFU courses or their equivalents:

  • BISC 101-4 General Biology
  • CHEM 121-4 General Chemistry and Laboratory I
  • CHEM 122-2 General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 281-4 Organic Chemistry I
  • BPK 142-3 Introduction to Kinesiology
  • BPK 201-3 Biomechanics
  • BPK 205-3 Introduction to Human Physiology
  • BPK 207-3 Human Motor Systems

ONE of:

  • MATH 150-4 Calculus I with Review
  • MATH 151-3 Calculus
  • MATH 154-3 Calculus I for the Biological Sciences

ONE of:

  • MATH 152-3 Calculus II
  • MATH 155-3 Calculus II for the Biological Sciences

ONE of:

  • PHYS 101-3 General Physics I
  • PHYS 120-3 Modern Physics and Mechanic
  • PHYS 125-3 Mechanics and Special Relativity
  • PHYS 140-4* Studio Physics - Mechanics and Modern Physics

ONE of:

  • PHYS 102-3 General Physics II
  • PHYS 121-3 Optics, Electricity and Magnetism
  • PHYS 126-3 Electricity, Magnetism, and Light
  • PHYS 141-4* Studio Physics - Optics, Electricity, and Magnetism

ONE of:

  • MBB 201-3 Biochemistry of the Cell
  • MBB 231-3 Cellular Biology and Biochemistry


  • STAT 201-3 Statistics for the Life Science

Once admitted to SFU, applicants should meet with the undergraduate advisor to determine which lower division requirements have previously been met and to discuss course planning. Transcripts from the previous degree and detailed course outlines are necessary to assist in this process.

A minimum of 45 upper division credit hours must be taken at SFU to satisfy degree requirements for the general program, including the following core courses:

  • BPK 304-3 Inquiry & Measurement in Kinesiology
  • BPK 305-3 Human Physiology I
  • BPK 306-3 Human Physiology II
  • BPK 326-4 Functional Anatomy
  • BPK 340-3 Active Health: Behaviour & Promotion
  • BPK 407-3 Human Physiology Laboratory

21 credit hours of upper division Kinesiology electives
5 credit hours of upper division electives from any discipline at SFU

Second degree students who wish to specialize in the concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation must satisfy both lower and upper division degree requirements for those concentrations as outlined in the SFU calendar. Checklists to assist in course planning can be found in here.