Support services and resources are available for you both at SFU and in community. Click on the link below to explore a list of relevant resources for you.

Faculty Resources 

Several offices at SFU are available to assist you to understand your support and reporting options.

SFU Faculty Association (SFUFA)

The SFU Faculty Association is the union that represents faculty members and librarians at SFU. SFUFA supports members in understanding their rights and responsibilities as it relates to the collective agreement and University policies and procedures which apply to faculty and librarians.

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Health & Well-being Resources

The Bullying and Harassment case manager can provide you with guidance, resources, and personal support.

SFU Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The SFU Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides confidential, professional assistance to help you or your family members resolve problems that affect your personal and work lives, including but not limited to stress, anxiety and depression; marriage counselling; family conflicts; alcohol and drug dependency; and grief and bereavement.

  • Phone: 1-800-663-1142

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SFU Critical Incident Support

A Critical Incident (or Significant Event) is a traumatic event that creates a strong emotional reaction. This reaction may interfere with an individual’s ability to manage normal day-to-day activities or have a large negative impact on the people involved or community members that have in some way been involved. Learn about the supports available.

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