Creating a New Page

In the WCM, click on the page in the site hierarchy (left panel) under which the new page should exist.


Click "New" from the top of the WCM right panel.


A menu to create a new page should appear.


For Title, enter the text that will appear on the navigation of your website.  This text will also appear on the top of the browser window.  For these reasons, keeping the Title text as short as possible is recommended. You may also edit this text anytime after the page is created, by going to Page Properties through the Page tab in the Sidekick.

The Name field is the URL for the page (e.g., about.html).  Enter the Name without the .html extension.  If you leave this field blank, it will take the text from the Title field with dashes in place of spaces. The name can be changed by choosing "Move" in the WCM and editing the "Rename to" field.


Select a template, then click Create. The Template Gallery has more information about each template, including examples.


The new page has now been created, and should appear on the WCM left and right panels.  If you wish to change the order in which this page appears, simply click and drag to place it into the desired order (e.g., after 'About Us' and before 'Undergraduate Program').

If they do not immediately appear, click on the corresponding "Refresh" buttons (icon with two blue circling arrows) located at the top left corners of each panel.