Mark Battersby

Dr. Mark Battersby has been a professor at Capilano University since 1975. He obtained his BA from New York University and his PhD from the University of British Columbia.  He has written extensively on critical thinking, informal logic and the philosophy of education and has written the books Reason in the Balance: An Inquiry Approach to Critical Thinking and Is that a Fact: A Field Guide in Evaluating Statistical and Scientific Information.

Mark’s interests include most aspects of philosophical reflection, focusing primarily on critical thinking, informal logic, applied epistemology, environmental ethics, philosophy of science, cognitive and evolutionary psychology, and moral and political philosophy.

Why did you become a Philosopher’s Café moderator?

I have always enjoyed philosophical discussion and have always tried to teach at a level accessible and interesting to everybody. The Philosophers' Cafe gave me an opportunity to reach out beyond the classroom boundaries and talk with others.

What is the most rewarding part of moderating?  

I enjoy talking to a great variety of intellectually enthusiastic people who also have a great body of knowledge and experience to bring to the discussion.

Upcoming Cafés:

There are currently no upcoming cafés hosted by this moderator.