Project Management for the Non-Profit Sector

Enhancing project planning, management and leadership skills are the primary objectives of this course.

In addition to becoming familiar with concepts behind project management techniques, you will learn to take an approved project concept and extend it into a set of activities that can be defined, managed, controlled and implemented in the non-profit sector. You will also learn to integrate risk management and communication plans into project management practice.


Location: Online
Format: Self-paced within deadlines set by instructor
Duration: 13 weeks
Tuition: $855
Can be applied to:
Non-Profit Management Certificate

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Start Date
Start DateWed, Jan 18, 2023
  • Wed, Jan 18 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Jan 25 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Feb 1 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Feb 8 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Feb 15 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Feb 22 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Mar 1 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Mar 8 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Mar 15 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Mar 22 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Mar 29 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Apr 5 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Apr 12 (self-paced all week)
InstructorIvan Leonce
Seats Available33
Start DateWed, Sep 6, 2023
  • Wed, Sep 6 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Sep 13 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Sep 20 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Sep 27 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 4 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 11 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 18 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Oct 25 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Nov 1 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Nov 8 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Nov 15 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Nov 22 (self-paced all week)
  • Wed, Nov 29 (self-paced all week)
Seats Available34

What you will learn

After completing this course, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Use the key building blocks of successful project management, including project-based work, activity planning, schedule estimation and budgeting
  • Use the accepted tools and techniques that make up the successful project manager’s toolkit
  • Apply the concepts of project management in a non-profit context

How you will learn and be evaluated

  • Prepare to spend about 10 hours per week on coursework
  • Expect reading and other assignments on a weekly basis
  • Plan to access the course at least once every few days to keep up with your work and group assignments

You will be evaluated on:

  • Assignments 
  • Participation in online discussions

Learning Materials

No textbook is required. We will provide all course materials online.

Technical Requirements

For online courses, you will need a computer with audio and microphone that is connected to the internet. Canvas is the online system that will be used for the course. For more information and online support, visit Online Learning.