Pat Bell

Climate Action

Pat is a Registered Professional Planner (MCIP) with over 20 years of experience in sustainable development and climate action planning. In addition to climate mitigation policy development, her background in environmental planning for local governments includes natural area preservation, protection of regional food systems, water conservation, recycling, district energy planning and air quality management. Pat has a bachelor of arts in land use and environmental studies from the University of Saskatchewan and a master of science in sustainability, planning and environmental Policy from the University of Wales, U.K.

Since joining the Community Energy Association (CEA) in 2008, Pat has prepared guides, designed and delivered workshops, and prepared policy to support climate action for local governments. She has a deep knowledge of local government powers and policy/regulatory tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. She also recently became lead of CEA’s Indigenous Community Service Area, where she’s responsible for internal reconciliation work as well as considering how best to share CEA’s knowledge to support Indigenous communities in reaching their goals for Nation building, sustainable development and a low-carbon future. She is currently working with the University of Saskatchewan to develop course content for the School of Environment and Sustainability’s Energy Security for Remote Communities program.

Pat has developed and delivered a series of six courses to train working professionals to become community energy managers. The courses cover planning, economic development, renewable energy, reducing emissions from buildings and low carbon transportation.

Pat grew up on a family farm in Saskatchewan and the prairie landscape and light still restores her soul when needed. Pat is also sustained through her relationship with her husband and son and privileged to be able to have her own horse, Willow, who is kept at a nearby farm. Having this close relationship with a very large animal, despite living in a very urbanized area, connects her to her rural roots.

Upcoming courses taught by Pat Bell

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Start DateWed, May 7, 2025
Area of StudyClimate Action