Graham Forst

Graham Forst has an interdisciplinary PhD in literature and philosophy. His doctoral thesis was examined by Northrop Frye in 1970.

In the 1960s and 1970s, he taught English and contemporary issues at Hunter College, St. John's University and Hofstra University in New York. In 1974, he began teaching in the English and philosophy deparments at Capilano College and retired from full-time teaching in 2004.

He has published several articles on literary criticism and writes reviews for
Canadian Literature, one of UBC's journals. In 1975, he founded the Vancouver Holocaust Symposium for High School Students, which he chairs to this day.

He has taught for UBC Continuing Studies and moderates a Philosophers' Café.

Previously taught:

  • A Funny Thing Happened: A History of Western Comedy (55+)   PLUS335
  • A History of Genocide (55+)   PLUS113
  • Athens or Jerusalem: Twin Wellsprings of Western Culture (55+)   SCFC950
  • Bioethics: Medicine and Morality   AHCP255
  • Blazing Saddles: The Art of Literary Satire in the Western Tradition (55+)   SCFC558
  • Contemporary Ethical Issues: A Survey (55+)   SCFC849
  • Death and the Humanities (55+)   PLUS183
  • Ethics in Everyday Life (55+)   SCFC612
  • From Oedipus to Willy Loman: The Development of Western Tragedy (55+)   SCFC405
  • From Reason to Passion: Romanticism in Word and Music (55+)   SCFC928
  • Images of Enlightenment: Discovering the Age of Reason (55+)   SCFC957
  • Imagine There Is a Heaven: The Power and Endurance of Religion (55+)   PLUS249
  • Imagine There's No Heaven: A History of Atheism (55+)   PLUS234
  • Introduction to Western Aesthetic Theory   AHCP281
  • Paradises Lost: Utopias in Western Literary History (55+)   SCFC603
  • Perfect Places: A History of Utopia   AHCP247
  • Shylock, Fagin, and the Devil: The Depiction of Jews and Judaism in Western Literature (55+)   SCFC744
  • Side by Side: Great Words Become Great Music (55+)   PLUS390
  • Strange Bedfellows: Art and Revolutionary Politics (55+)   SCFC450
  • The Bible and the Arts of Europe (55+)   SCFC781
  • The Bible as Art and Music (55+)   SCFC498
  • The Birth, Life and Slow Death of the American Musical (Free Surrey Preview)  
  • The Devil You Know: A History of the Demonic in Western Art and Culture (55+)   SCFC895
  • The Fabulous Origins of English Words (55+)   PLUS145
  • The Friendship: A Romantic Odyssey (55+)   PLUS314
  • The Musical From Antiquity to Lerner and Loewe: On With the Show (Surrey City Centre Library)   AHCP215
  • The Origins and History of the English Language, From Anglo Saxon to Email (55+)   SCFC658
  • The Supernatural in the Western Arts (55+)   SCFC818
  • The Woman as Hero in Western Literature (55+)   PLUS265
  • Understanding the Holocaust (55+)   SCFC872
  • William Blake: Poet, Prophet, and Mystic (55+)   SCFC717  PLUS352

Area(s) of instruction: