Gregory Harder

Business Management, Risk Management

Gregory Harder has been teaching for nearly three decades.  He was a tennis instructor through college, and soon after graduating with a chemistry degree, he was teaching and doing research in undergraduate laboratories.

Greg then became an economics instructor, something he has now done for over a decade.  He has taught lower and upper-level undergraduate courses, and he was a principle designer of a writing course for SFU Economics.

In the past couple of years, Greg has returned to tennis as a certified coach and has opened a racket stringing business.

Greg is passionate about curriculum development, and his unique multidisciplinary background creates the foundation for his courses.  Recently, he was inspired by the philosophies of tennis instruction to update his economics lectures.  He believes this can only make the course more fun.

Upcoming courses taught by Gregory Harder

Course Name
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Course NameEconomic Theory
Start DateWed, Jan 15, 2025
Area of StudyBusiness Management