Kristine Hoyak


Kristine Hoyak leads business process improvement in the medical cannabis industry. She describes her role as a “chaos wrangler” who stewards system changes and improvements, analyzes interaction between departments to support implementing new processes, provides decision support on company strategy, and manages teams in both B.C. and Ontario. 

Kristine previously served as the learning and implementation analyst with the Transformational Learning team at Vancouver Coastal Health, where she worked with physicians to integrate new technology and align practice so people and their medical needs were accurately represented across the system of care. 

As an independent consultant, she has created and moderated a multimodal workshop series to introduce health care leaders to theories and tools for navigating complex systems to support knowledge exchange and implementation. While acting as a regional event coordinator for the B.C.-Yukon chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society, Kristine organized and facilitated social learning groups with a focus on systems thinking. 

Kristine holds an M.Sc. and a B.Sc. in nutrition from the University of Manitoba, plus a BA in English and psychology from Brandon University. More recently she earned her Change Management Professional Certification. She has published numerous papers on topics ranging from suicide and depression, to FASD and women’s health care in the Downtown Eastside. 

As a newer resident of Hope, B.C., Kristine enjoys the spectacular views and mountain town activities that happen year round. When she’s not working in the garden, she’s planning her next trip. 

Learn more: @Kristine_Sync

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