Krystal Glowatski

Restorative Justice

Krystal is a doctoral student in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Her current research is on the experience of being related to an offender, the lack of resources and supports for this population, and possible services and interventions to assist in healing after the criminal actions of a relative.

She completed her bachelor of arts honours degree (international distinction) in sociology and her master's in justice studies at the University of Regina. Krystal’s area of expertise is in restorative justice, peacemaking criminology, policing, young offenders, mental health, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder as it relates to both social and legal justice. Krystal is well versed in various methodologies, including but not limited to: surveys, interviews, focus groups, photovoice, arts-based methodologies and participant action research.

She recently teamed up with author and speaker Shannon Moroney to plan retreats that provide healing through dialogue and dignity for those related to an offender. This work is not only a professional endeavour, but also a personal passion given that both Krystal and Shannon have first-hand experience in being related to someone who has committed a serious crime. The pair aims to develop sustainable, long-term support for relational victims.

Krystal also does work in the area of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and justice. She co-founded and is co-director of Adjust Consulting, Ltd., which delivers policy, research, evaluation, training and education on cognitive disabilities, mental health, trauma, child welfare, decolonization, justice (criminal/legal, social and restorative), stigma and shame, and community building. Krystal lives in Vancouver with her partner and their two rambunctious and loving felines. 

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