Krystal Glowatski

Restorative Justice

Krystal is a Cree woman, living on Treaty 4 territory in Weyburn S.K. She is a doctoral student in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. Her current research is on the experience of being related to an offender, the lack of resources and supports for this population, and possible services and interventions to assist in healing after the criminal actions of a relative.

She completed her bachelor of arts honours degree (with international distinction) in sociology and her master's in justice studies at the University of Regina. Krystal’s areas of expertise include restorative justice, peacemaking criminology, policing, young offenders, mental health and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder as it relates to both social and legal justice.

Currently, Krystal owns and operates an art studio in Weyburn. She comes from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs. When the pandemic hit and the world stood still, she decided the next step in her own healing journey was to go back to her roots. Collaborative Studios  is in the heart of downtown and is a business rooted in the values of restorative justice, largely centred on the idea of belonging and relationship. Its motto is, "Come for the art, stay for the vibe". 

Upcoming courses taught by Krystal Glowatski

Course Name
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Start DateWed, Jan 15, 2025
Area of StudyRestorative Justice
Start DateWed, May 7, 2025
Area of StudyRestorative Justice