Amir Kamyab-Nejad

Amir Kamyab-Nejad has a B.Eng. and an MBA in the managment of technology from SFU. He has  worked in various engineering firms including ST-Ericsson Belgium. A realtor, he also works as process analyst and sales manager at Noura Construction, Ltd.

Kamyab-Nejad is a member of various social good organizations. He is a director at Inclusive Technologies Co-op, whose mission is to improve services, products,
and inclusion in the public sphere for people with disabilities. He is also a member of the planning committee at Institute of Families for Planning 2014 Consensus Conference on FamilySmart and Youth Engagement.

He was a moderator for SFU’s Philosophers’ Café, and has a passionate scholarly interest in the long history and varied cultural products of his native country.

Previously taught:

  • 7,000 Years of Persian Engineering (55+)   PLUS205
  • Kingdom of Glory: From Persia to Iran (55+)   PLUS159
  • The Colours, Beauty and Sounds of Persia (55+)   PLUS235

Area(s) of instruction: