Glen Klose

First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery

Staff Sergeant Glen Klose is a 23-year member of the Edmonton Police Service. He is currently the staff sergeant in charge of the Employee and Family Assistance section with a portfolio of member support, critical incident stress management, reintegration and early intervention. Prior to moving to the Wellness branch, he worked as a patrol supervisor in Downtown Division. Throughout his career, he has worked in patrol and beats, and in the firearms training unit and the marine unit. In his personal time, he spent years as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces working with youth in the Cadet Instructor Cadre.

Glen has been the principal creator and coordinator of the Edmonton Police Service Reintegration Program since 2009. He created the first full-time reintegration position for the Edmonton Police Service in 2017 and has been the driving influence in growing the program across Canada and internationally to New Zealand and the U.S.

Upcoming courses taught by Glen Klose

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Start DateTue, Feb 7, 2023
Area of StudyFirst Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery