Nicolas Krusek

Nicolas Krusek is a musician, conductor, speaker and music educator. After completing a degree in composition at the University of British Columbia, he studied orchestral and choral conducting at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (Czech Republic), where he also worked as an English teacher and translator.

Holder of a Distinguished Toastmaster designation, Krusek has been a master of ceremonies at conferences, weddings and concerts. He has taught music courses for SFU's Liberal Arts and 55+ Program and UBC Continuing Studies, and he presents regular lectures on opera at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.

In addition to giving educational talks for Vancouver Opera and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, he has been music director of the Ambleside Orchestra since September 2010.

Previously taught:

  • Beethoven (55+)   PLUS246
  • The Musical Language of Haydn and Mozart (55+)   PLUS220
  • The Musical Language of Bach and Handel (55+)   PLUS188
  • Music in the 20th Century (55+)   PLUS163
  • Beethoven and Beyond: Music in the 19th Century (55+)   PLUS141
  • Music in the 18th Century from Bach to Mozart (55+)   PLUS105
  • Music in the 17th Century (55+)   SCFC960
  • Neglected Geniuses, Forgotten Innovators—The Musical Thought of Jean-Philippe Rameau   AHCP277
  • Music in the Renaissance (55+)   SCFC933
  • Music in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds (55+)   SCFC911
  • Tchaikovsky (55+)   SCFC898
  • "Mighty Handful": The Rise of Russian Music (55+)   SCFC871
  • My Homeland: Smetana, Dvorak and Czech National Music (55+)   SCFC840
  • Franz Liszt: From Virtuoso to Visionary (55+)   SCFC796
  • Fryderyk Chopin: A Polish Exile in Paris (55+)   SCFC769
  • Viva Verdi!: Celebrating the Art of Giuseppe Verdi (55+)   SCFC767
  • Poet Among Composers: The Music of Robert Schumann (55+)   SCFC754
  • Pacific Opera Victoria and Seattle Opera Previews 2013  
  • The Life and Music of Felix Mendelssohn (55+)   SCFC728
  • Metropolitan Opera Previews 2012  
  • Hector Berlioz: His Life, Music, and Legacy (55+)   SCFC699
  • How to Listen to Music (55+)   SCFC684
  • Franz Schubert: The Last Classicist (55+)   SCFC656
  • Metropolitan Opera Previews 2011   Metropolitan Opera Previews 2011
  • The Musical Thought of Ludwig van Beethoven (55+)   SCFC625
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Great Musical Mind (55+)   SCFC597
  • Joseph Haydn: Father of the Classical Style (55+)   SCFC583
  • Understanding Music (55+)   SCFC455
  • Brahms, Bruckner and the German Romantic Symphony (55+)   SCFC454
  • Symphonic Music of the Romantic Era (55+)   SCFC439

Area(s) of instruction: