Adrienne Montgomerie


Adrienne Montgomerie has been freelancing as an editorial consultant under the name SciEditor for nearly 25 years. She is an Editors Canada certified copy editor and has experience as a developmental editor and proofreader for print and electronic publications. She has edited publications for educational and trade publishers, corporations, NGOs, academics and non-profits.

She has trained hundreds of other editors through universities and professional associations, and her Editing in Word textbook is used as a resource in publishing education programs. Her “Right Angels and Polo Bears” editing blog and podcast attract thousands of visitors. 

She served two terms as a national director of Editors Canada and set up one of its very first “twigs” (mini-branches). She also wrote chapters for the Meeting Professional Editorial Standards workbook and Editing Canadian English style guideShe writes nonfiction for the general public and published a handful of books and hundreds of articles. 

When not at her desk, Adrienne is sea kayaking and testing her stand-up routine. Follow her online at @scieditor.

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Start DateWed, May 1, 2024
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