Carmel Murphy

Rehabilitation and Disability Management

Carmel Murphy is the principal of FORME Ergonomics and Workplace Health Inc., an occupational health management consulting company providing services in ergonomics, disability management and workplace health.

She is a registered physiotherapist, Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist and Certified Disability Management Professional. For over 20 she has provided ergonomics, product and facility design and training services in a wide range of healthcare, industrial and corporate environments in both Canada and the United States.

Carmel works with companies to develop, enhance or manage their ergonomic and healthy organization programs; complete risk assessments at both macro and individual levels in office and industrial settings; and provides individual and group coaching for prevention of injury, discomfort management and workplace productivity, performance and safety.

She enjoys providing training and education for adults, ranging from customized training at client sites to ergonomics education at BCIT and SFU. For the past 10 years Carmel has also integrated Spacial Dynamics into her work with clients.

Upcoming courses taught by Carmel Murphy

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