Garrett H. Polman

Following an undergraduate liberal arts degree, Garrett studied Greek and Latin literature and history at the University of Chicago (PhD), and pursued post-graduate studies in Greek literature and European history in Berlin and at Oxford. He also has a diploma in economics from the University of London.

Recruited by the Department of External Affairs, Garrett served at the Canadian High Commissions in London and Lagos and at headquarters in Ottawa.  He then spent 25 years in financial management, first with the federal Treasury Board in Ottawa and then with large corporations abroad, including twelve years in Asia.  He became interested in Japanese and modern Chinese history and, while in Tokyo, served on the board as general manager of the Asiatic Society of Japan, a distinguished academic society that offers public lectures and publishes research about Japanese history and culture.

Upon retirement, having a strong interest in continuing education and a passion for history and Greek literature, Garrett has been teaching at the North Shore Eldercollege and at SFU.  His special interests in History are: the Greek & Roman periods, early modern Europe (1500-1815), Japan (1600-1945) and international relations, particularly international crises and peace treaties (1555-1990).   

Previously taught:

  • A Flight of Liberal Arts: Political Consequences of the Reformation for Early Modern Europe   LIB136
  • Ancient Greece: Athenian Democracy: Engagement and Dissent   LIB169
  • Canada and America 1713-1867: From Sea to Sea (55+)   PLUS186
  • Early Modern Europe: Monarchies and the Consequences of the Reformation (55+)  PLUS377
  • Homer's Iliad: History, Myth, Tragedy and Oral Poetry (55+)   PLUS361
  • Japan, China and the Western Powers 1600-1976 (55+)   PLUS295
  • Major Peace Treaties and Their Consequences (55+)   PLUS104
  • Monarchies and the Reformation in 16th-Century Europe (55+)   SCFC915
  • The First World War: Origin, Peace and Consequences (55+)   PLUS256
  • 100th Anniversary of the Armistice: Woodrow Wilson and the Creation of a New World Order   LIB158

Area(s) of instruction: