Natalie Moor

Leadership Essentials

Natalie Moor has an unwavering passion for the arts, community engagement and innovative teaching practices. Born in a small French community in Saskatchewan, life would eventually lead her to become an artist, doula, mother and educator, with a special interest in transformative programs that empowers minds and hearts and fosters community-based leadership.

Natalie earned a bachelor of fine arts from Emily Carr University as well as a teaching degree from the University of British Columbia. After more than 10 years of working with local and out-of-province school districts, Natalie developed a successful, innovative community-based program for BIPOC children in partnership with the School District 47’s distributed learning program. 

This ambitious three-year project redefined the educational experience for racialized school-aged students, as the boundaries of a classroom were blurred and students were given the power to direct their learning, while their voices and experiences became validated and amplified. Throughout the creation and direction of this program, Natalie established collaborative programming with UBC farms, Ethos Labs, The African Friendship Society, Community Arts Council Vancouver, Moberly Arts and Culture Centre, UBC Geering Up and countless other local musicians, artists, authors and researchers. These opportunities broadened horizons, nurtured positive self-expression, encouraged tolerance and celebrated the rich tapestry of cultures found within student families and the community.

Natalie has worked for 10 years as an educational consultant to families who are looking for empowerment and alternatives in education and has dedicated her energy to helping them find the right fit and path for their unique and successful educational journey.   

When not working, Natalie is primarily a taxi driver to her children (she says jokingly). When she’s not running around town, she loves to travel with her family and friends, challenging herself to cold ocean dips, tasting new dishes and treats, and cultivating moments of inner silence and reflection. 

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