Janey Roh


Janey Roh has been fortunate to work in many different roles alongside beautiful people. She is passionate about creating conditions for change and human flourishing, building on strengths within multi-faceted teams. 

Growing up in the back of her parents’ corner store, you could find her either sitting on top of old milk crates drinking orange crush or standing atop of one, working the cash register by the age of eight. Janey witnessed the gratitude and grace in how her immigrant parents navigated life and built a community, and how they approached each day, interaction and relationship with generosity and honesty. She brings these perspectives and values alongside a pragmatic critique of existing systems and ways of working that reinforce inequities. 

Janey is the co-founder of Kudoz, an experience platform focused on reducing stigma around disability and poverty through novel experiences hosted by passionate locals. Her experience working with a team to take an idea through stages of research and prototyping before bringing it to a real-world solution has brought plenty of failures and learnings, which she looks forward to sharing with her students. Blending social science and design, and forming and managing start-up teams, has made her passionate about creating conditions for experimentation, risk taking, and horizontal relationships in the new platform and next iteration of Kudoz, called curiko. 

Janey is the mother of a junior palaeontologist and beginner potter, and is a fellow grad student at SFU. She looks forward to meeting everyone!

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