Stacy Reynaud


Stacy Reynaud's interest in spoken word and underground literature began in the late 1990s when she was encouraged by Vancouver-based poet and multimedia artist Gerry Gilbert. He praised her poetry, said it had a drive that would read well live and invited her to read her work on his radio show, radiofreerainforest. Stacy continued to perform live readings with Gerry and at underground clubs and cafes throughout the city. 

In 2008, she established Bijou Living, a successful design and architecture blog that has garnered over one million visitors and links in TThe New York Times Style Magazine. Stacy's strong writing and storytelling skills led to her securing teaching positions in marketing and communications at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Camosun College. In 2020, she began teaching writing for Simon Fraser University's Lifelong Learning Communication programs. 

Stacy is passionate about sharing her love of storytelling. Over the past two decades, she has taught nearly a thousand students at various colleges across the province to unlock their own unique stories.

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