Diana Vissers

Rehabilitation and Disability Management

Diana Vissers is an occupational health consultant with a focus on mental health. For 24 years, she has worked with a variety of client groups, including disability insurers, WCB’s, public- and private-sector employers and union groups. She is the founder of Work to Wellness Rehabilitation Inc., a corporation that specializes in disability prevention and promoting return to work in complex situations. She currently assists organizations in assessing their workplaces for psychological safety risks and provides training and recommendations to improve mental health literacy and management in the workplace.

Diana is also a director and vice president of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada's B.C. society. She holds a master of arts in disability management with a special interest in workplace mental health prevention and management. She has a passion for helping others understand their role in workplace health and for creating change that impacts every aspect of an organization.

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