Community Capacity Building Certificate

The tools, inspiration and relationships to engage your community

We are looking for community leaders of all sorts: you may be a quiet supporter, always there to move everyone forward. You might be inspiring and charismatic—or seeking your own inspiration. You might even be wondering if change is possible at all.

It’s our aim that the Community Capacity Building Certificate will provide you with that answer, time to reflect, build deeper relationships with yourself, community and the land, and to move forward the change you’d like to see in the world.

Together, we’ll learn to engage community by sharing our own lived experience, hearing from guests and adopting new tools to understand how to build projects and movements.

This free program, which we offer in collaboration with community organizations and groups, accredits and recognizes the rich learning that occurs in community project work. You will share a virtual classroom with 25 other learners, for six hours a week, for five months. There we’ll choose, plan, implement and evaluate a real project that will have a positive impact in your community.

We also recognize that true leadership and community capacity comes from developing our own skills and mindsets. This certificate will offer creative and expressive methods to keep our own learning and reflection a part of the change we’d like to see in the world.

Who can this program benefit?

The program is ideal for people who want to expand their skills, share them with others and make a positive difference in their communities. This includes all community members. We’d like to work alongside you to best support your community and your time in the program.

We are happily in solidarity with the elderly, newcomers, refugees, drug users, sex workers, the LGBTQIA2+ community, Black people, those practicing religion, people who live with mental illness, physical illness, accessibility needs, trauma; Indigenous people, people of colour, young people, low-income people, parents, caretakers. If an identity you hold is unseen, please let us know so that we can learn and hopefully connect you into this community of learners.

Applications now closed

Thank you for your interest in the Community Capacity Building Certificate. We are no longer accepting applications.

If you would like to hear about potential future offerings, please sign up to our email list. We will announce any opportunities in this program, or a similar program, through this email list.