Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellows are administered and defined by the Dean of Graduate Studies at SFU under Policy R50.02, which requires Fellows to have external or internal funding. Apply for a Postdoctoral Fellow through SFU Graduate Studies. In addition, Postdoctoral Fellows in some area of Asian Studies who are accepted by the Dean of Graduate Studies may receive the use of DLC facilities through application to its Director. A Postdoctoral Fellow at the DLC will be required to participate in the activities of the Centre by attending lectures, workshops, and colloquia and presenting a research paper. A Centre Fellow requires a faculty mentor within Asian Studies at SFU, who will be responsible for the supervision of the research. Applicants for SFU affiliation should apply directly to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Applications for affiliation to the DLC should submit a letter of application, a current CV, a research proposal, and a letter of support by a prospective faculty mentor by February 1 or October 1.