Bernhard Rabus

Professor, School of Engineering Science

Industrial Research Chair in Synthetic Aperture Radar


Ph.D., University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1997
M.Sc., Technical University of Munich, 1992

Research interests

  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

Teaching interests

  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)


ASB 9829
Personal webpage:

Recently taught courses

  • ENSC 895 Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Applications 

Selected recent publications

  • N.J.Roberts, B.T.Rabus, R.L.Hermanns, M.A.Guzman, J.J.Clague, and E.Minaya, "Recent Landslide Activity in La Paz, Bolivia", Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment, pp.431-437, 2014.
  • K.Woo, E.Eberhardt, B.Rabus, D.Stead, and A.Vyazmensky, "Integration of field characterization, mine production, and InSAR monitoring data to constrain and calibrate 3-D numerical modelling of block caving-induced subsidence, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, June 2012
  • D.H.Shugar, B.T.Rabus, J.J.Clague, and D.M.Capps, "The response of Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, to the Denali earthquake rock avalanches", Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, 117:F01006, 2012
  • D.L.Capps, B.T.Rabus, J.J.Clague, and D.H.Shugar, "Identification and characterization of alpine sub-glacial lakes using InSAR, Brady Glacier, Alaska", Journal of Glaciology, 56(199): 861-870, 2010 
  • D.H.Shugar, B.T.Rabus, and J.J.Clague, "Elevation changes (1949-1995) of Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, derived from a multi-baseline InSAR DEM and historical maps.", Journal of Glaciology, 56(198):625-634, 2010