Visiting Scholar is a non-stipendiary position for persons with significant academic, technical, industrial, literary, or artistic qualifications whose work may benefit from collaboration with the School of Engineering Science.

Visiting scholars are expected to be in residence at SFU for at least one semester and no longer than one year.  They will enhance the research environment of the school by participating in the SFU academic community and, where relevant, in wider community activities by attending lectures, workshops, and colloquia as well as making at least one public presentation in relation to their field of activity or original research.

The School of Engineering Science will only host visiting scholars who are nominated by a faculty member and approved by the School Director. When nominating a visiting scholar, please email the following information to

  1. The scholar’s name, institutional affiliation, contact information and CV;
  2. A short description of how the scholar’s research interests and/or expertise are relevant to the School of Engineering Science;
  3. A proposal for at least one public presentation during the term of his or her residency;
  4. A proposed list of activities the scholar will engage in during his or her term of residency.

Please note that the nominating faculty member will be responsible for overseeing the activities of the visiting scholar, introducing him or her to any necessary contacts within SFU, organizing and promoting the public presentation, providing access to a shared office space in a relevant academic unit, and, if necessary, obtaining funding for the activities listed above.

Visiting scholars will be expected to arrange their own travel to SFU.  Those from outside Canada must arrange for all required immigration documents.