Discover Engineering Science

What is engineering science?

Combining electronics, computing and systems design, engineering scientists develop high-tech solutions for an infinite field of human challenges. This could range from inventing new tablet devices or creating the latest heart pacemakers to building an ultra-efficient service robot or streamlining the functions of the next generation of satellites.

Engineering or engineering science?

Engineers are concerned with designing and building solutions to problems. Engineering science takes a broader, deeper and interdisciplinary approach that combines a strong foundation of engineering, science and mathematical knowledge with additional skills in technology, communications and entrepreneurial innovation.

What do engineering scientists do?

Operating at the frontiers of innovation, an education in engineering science opens doors to a wide array of career paths in a high-tech job market that is growing exponentially. Our graduates become electronics engineers, biomedical engineers, engineering physicists, automotive engineers, computer engineers, robotics specialists or information scientists, for example.

What will I do at SFU?

Our dynamic program options challenges graduates to become the next generation of high-tech leaders and innovators. Via a grounding in advanced technologies, students gain high levels of technical expertise, develop sharp systems design skills and develop the communication tools and entrepreneurial acumen to collaborate effectively on successful projects. But that’s not all: an SFU Engineering Science education also includes invaluable real-world experience.

What about real-world experience?

Hands-on practical training is the cornerstone of what we do at SFU Engineering Science, enabling you to apply your new technical skills in key real-world ways – the ideal preparation for your future career.

On our mandatory co-op program, you’ll learn first-hand what it’s like to work for a high-tech employer – many of our graduates find their first job through the connections they make via their SFU co-op.

You’ll also address the challenges of real-world engineering science projects via our highly-regarded Capstone program. In your fourth year, this team-based project hones your design, development, communication and management skills via the creation of a practical high-tech product or solution. For an introduction to Capstone – and the kinds of projects students engage in – visit our dedicated page.