David Bensted Visiting Fellowship

The exchange of creative ideas is at the heart of universities and knowledge-based industry. Conferences fill part of this role, but opportunities for longer and more significant interaction are essential. Indeed most universities provide sabbatical years during which researchers can visit individuals or groups at other institutions.

The David Bensted Visiting Fellowship supports short and medium term visits to SFU Engineering Science by leading researchers from around the world. The opportunity for university and industrial researchers to talk and work with such visitors provides another creative spark in the B.C. technical community.

The Fellowship is named after David Bensted, a pioneer and leader in the B.C. high-tech and investment community.

Bensted Visiting Fellows collaborate on research with members of the School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University. In addition, they:

  • give the David Bensted Lecture, a public lecture suited to a general technical audience;
  • give the David Bensted Research Seminar delivered to students, faculty and industrial researchers;
  • are available for discussions with members of the broader technical community, both within and outside Simon Fraser University.

The endowment that funds the David Bensted Visiting Fellowship was established with the generous support of several donors. It is to the advantage of everyone in the technical community to make this endowment grow, and additional donations from other corporations or individuals are very much welcomed.

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