Student Life

Get the right balance

The secret to making the most of your life at SFU is balance. That means harmonizing your studies and social opportunities as well as networking, volunteering and resume-building. Plan well and you’ll have a memorable and productive student experience – both inside and outside the classroom. Just remember: you’re not alone: the School of Engineering Science has great clubs and societies dedicated to building a supportive community for all students.

Campus Life

Campus life is whatever you make it. Here’s a quick insiders’ guide to some of the facilities and opportunities on offer at the Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver campuses.

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Student Groups

Not all student life takes place in libraries, labs and lectures. Joining a student group or two is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to meet people and discover new passions.

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Want to experience life on top of a mountain? UniverCity is a mountaintop urban neighbourhood, nestled within a wild, protected forest.

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As the proud parent of a prospective Engineering Science student, you will be fully focused on ensuring your child pursues the best degree for their future and joins a supportive community of students, staff and faculty.

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High School Guidance Counsellors

We actively engage with high school counselors, helping them assist their students as they plan for university.


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Student Stories

See what our students say during their studies and learn the student life in the School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser Univeristy.

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