Michael Adachi

Assistant Professor, School of Engineering Science


Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto (2012-2015)
PhD, University of Waterloo, 2012
MASc, Simon Fraser University, 2007
BASc, Simon Fraser University, 2004

Research interests

  • Biomarker sensors
  • VOC/gas sensors
  • 2D materials
  • Nanodevice fabrication

Teaching interests

  • Microelectronic fabrication
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Nanotechnology


Burnaby Campus, ASB 8843
Group webpage: nanodevice.fas.sfu.ca

Recently taught courses

  • ENSC 495/851 Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication
  • ENSC 462/854 Integrated Sensors and Actuators

Selected publications

  • Ahmadi, R, Abnavi, A, Hasani, A, Ghanbari, H, Mohammadzadeh, MR, Fawzy, M, Kabir, F, Adachi, MM, “Pseudocapacitance-Induced Plasticity of Tribo-Phototronic Effect Between Ionic Liquid and MoS2,” Small 2304988 https://doi.org/10.1002/smll.202304988 (2023).
  • Askar, AM, Palacios, P, Pasadas, F, Saeed, M, Mohammadzadeh, MR, Negra, R, Adachi, MM, “Two-dimensional tellurium-based diodes for RF applications,” npj 2D Materials and Applications 7, 70 (2023).
  • Mohammadzadeh, MR, Hasani, A, Jaferzadeh, K, Fawzy, M, De Silva, T, Abnavi, A, Ahmadi, R, Ghanbari, H, Askar, A, Kabir, F, Rajapakse, RKND, Adachi, MM, “Unique Photoactivated Time-Resolved Response in 2D GeS for Selective Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds” Advanced Science 10, 2205458 (2023).  Back cover of Volume 10 Issue 10.
  • Ghanbari, H, Abnavi, A, Hasani, A, Kabir, F, Ahmadi, R, Mohammadzadeh, MR, Fawzy, M, De Silva, T, Adachi, MM, “Multilayer WSe2/ZnO Heterojunctions for Self-powered, Broadband, and High-speed Photodetectors” Nanotechnology 34, 285207 (2023).
  • Abnavi, A, Ahmadi, R, Ghanbari, H, Fawzy, M, Hasani, A, De Silva, T, Askar, A, Mohammadzadeh, MR, Kabir, Whitwick, M, Beaudoin, M, O’Leary, SK, Adachi, MM, “Flexible High-Performance Photovoltaic Devices based on 2D MoS2 Diodes with Geometrically Asymmetric Contact Areas” Advanced Functional Materials 33, 2210619 (2023).
  • De Silva, T, Fawzy, M, Hasani, A, Ghanbari, H, Abnavi, A, Askar, A, Ling, Y, Mohammadzadeh, MR, Kabir, Ahmadi, R, Rosin, M, Kavanagh, KL, Adachi, MM, “Ultrasensitive rapid cytokine sensors based on asymmetric geometry two-dimensional MoS2 diodes” Nature Communications 13, 7593 (2022).
  • Ahmadi, R, Abnavi, A, Ghanbari, H, Mohandes, H, Mohammadzadeh, MR, De Silva, T, Hasani, A, Fawzy, M, Kabir, F, Adachi, MM, “Self-powered, Broadband, and Polarization-Sensitive Pyroelectric-Photoelectric Photodetector Based on Silicon-Water Heterojunction,” Nano Energy 98, 107285 (2022).
  • Abnavi, A, Ahmadi, R, Hasani, A, Fawzy, M, Mohammadzadeh, MR, De Silva, T, Yu, N, Adachi, MM, “Free-standing Multilayer Molybdenum Disulfide Memristor for Brain-inspired Neuromorphic Applications,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (38), 45843–45853 (2021).  One of the cover arts for Volume 13, Issue 38.
  • Askar, AM, Saeed, M, Hamed, A, Negra, R, Adachi, MM, “Thickness-Modulated Lateral MoS2 Diodes with Sub-Terahertz Cutoff Frequency,” Nanoscale 13, 8940-8947 (2021)
  • Yarrow, B, Askar, AM, Parameswaran, A, Adachi, MM, “Contact-Lifted Thickness-Modulated MoS2 Diodes for Gate Controlled Electronic Applications,” ACS Applied Electronic Materials 1:10, 2150-2156 (2019)
  • Fan, F, Voznyy, O, Sabatini, RP, Bicanic, KT, Adachi, MM, McBride, JR, Reid, KR, Park, YS, Li, X, Jain, A, Quintero-Bermudez, R, Saravanapavanantham, M, Liu, M, Korkusinski, M, Hawrylak, P, Klimov, VI, Rosenthal, SJ, Hoogland, S, Sargent, EH, “Continuous-Wave Lasing in Colloidal Quantum Dot Solids Enabled by Facet-Selective Epitaxy,” Nature 544, 75-79 (2017).
  • Adachi, MM, Fan, F, Sellan, DP, Hoogland, S, Voznyy, O, Houtepen, AJ, Parrish, KD, Kanjanaboos, P, Malen, JA, Sargent, EH, “Microsecond-sustained lasing from Colloidal  Quantum Dot Solids,” Nature Communications 6, 8694 (2015).
  • Sutherland, BR, Hoogland, S, Adachi, MM, Kanjanaboos, P, Wong, CTO, McDowell, JJ, Xu, J, Voznyy, O, Ning, Z, Houtepen, AJ, Sargent, EH, “Perovskite Thin Films via Atomic Layer Deposition,” Advanced Materials 27, 53-58 (2015).
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