Ryan Stolys

BASc '23

What was a highlight or favourite moment from your time at SFU?
In the fall of 2019, I got to travel to Scotland with the SFU golf team to experience the home of golf and compete in an overseas tournament. This was a truly unforgettable experience that shaped my view on golf and presented me with unique perspectives that I carry with me today.

How has your experience at SFU prepared you for your career path?
My SFU experience has provided me with countless opportunities to explore career options and extra-curricular experiences that have shaped my future. The most impactful were my co-op experiences working for startup companies and participating in the e-coop program where I was able to dedicate my time towards growing my own start-up, One Iota Performance. 

What advice would you like to share to students in their first year?
Seek out experiences outside of classes. University can be intimidating at first but you will get through it. The memories you will take with you after your time at SFU is over will be from outside your classes, there will be experiences or opportunities that will interest you, so go do them!

What are your current plans?
I will be working full time at a small start-up I founded called One Iota Performance. We have developed a software platform that tracks all four components of performance (physical, technical, tactical and especially mental) with the goal of helping athletes get one iota better each day.