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Program support

J. S. Woodsworth Chair Endowment

Established in 1984, the purpose of the J. S. Woodsworth Endowment is to provide for a full-time teaching, research, and community engagement position in the formerly-named Department of Humanities and when feasible, fund other positions and community activities in order to recognize the contributions of J. S. Woodsworth to Canada. The Woodsworth legacy is tied not to specific projects or themes, but rather to moral courage, social sympathies, passion for truth, and intellectual pioneering in the pursuit of social progress, education, and empowerment. 

Donation impact

The endowment supports educational and community-development efforts by individuals and groups within communities, promotes social justice, community development, and civic responsibility; initiates in-depth and long-term research into social and cultural issues that are of central concern to the Woodsworth Program; builds strong ties with the community through scheduled series of symposiums, workshops, and conferences; and directly addresses the place of a humanistic, liberal arts education in the 21st century university and in the 21st century world of work.


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Student support

André Gerolymatos Memorial Fund

In the summer of 2019, Hellenic Studies at SFU and the wider university community received with great sadness news of Professor André Gerolymatos' passing. As founding director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, friend and colleague André will be missed by those who worked and studied with him.

Dr. Gerolymatos studied Classics at Loyola College (Dipl.), Concordia University (BA), and McGill University (MA), before switching to History for his PhD, also at McGill, where he researched British Intelligence and Guerilla Warfare Operations during the Second World War in Greece (1941-1944). He taught at Dawson College and McGill University before joining the History Department at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in 1996 as the inaugural holder of the Hellenic Canadian Congress of British Columbia Chair in Hellenic Studies.

Dr. Gerolymatos was an acknowledged expert on Greek history and international relations and his many books include: Red Acropolis, Black Terror: The Greek Civil War and the Origins of Soviet-American Rivalry, 1943-1949, and more recently, The British and the Greek Resistance, 1936-1944; Spies, Saboteurs, and Partisans from Lexington Books and An International Civil War, Greece, 1943-1949 from Yale University Press.

During his 23 years at SFU, Dr. Gerolymatos was a tireless champion for the study of Greek history, language, and culture. His efforts led to the establishment of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies in 2011 and the Hellenic Studies Program in 2013, making Simon Fraser University a North American leader in the study of Greece’s history, language, and culture.

Donation impact

In recognition of Dr. Gerolymatos’ dedication to the study of Greece and Hellenism, friends and colleagues have established a memorial fund to support his legacy in Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University. The fund will support Dr. Gerolymatos’ vision of Hellenic Studies as a broader, interdisciplinary project covering the study of Greece, from antiquity to the modern age.


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Dutton Essay Prize for the Humanities

Commemorating Professor Paul Edward Dutton’s long and distinguished history at SFU, the Department of Humanities is establishing The Dutton Essay Prize in the Humanities (DEPTH) in his name. The award will recognize and reward excellent student writing.

After 37 years of service at Simon Fraser University, Professor Paul Dutton retired from the Department of Humanities. Dutton is an historian of the Middle Ages who introduced thousands of SFU students to the delights and mysteries of early European history and culture in such courses as HUM 105: Western Civilization, HUM 103: The Invention of the Book, and HUM 307: Carolingian Civilization.

Donation Impact

The award will recognize and reward excellent writing by students of the Department of Global Humanities. Regarding the newest forms of textual expression, Dutton comments: “We all write all the time, but quite frankly, Twitter and e-mail just do not draw out of us our best writing. The essay is an endangered thing. It would be nice to bring it and fine student writing some recognition and reward.”

Your gift will make a profound impact on SFU students. Our students are ambitious, passionate, and eager to learn—and they need your support to reach their highest potential.


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Humanities Graduate Endowment

The Humanities Graduate Endowment Fund was established at Simon Fraser University in 2011 through generous contributions from the Simons Foundation and the faculty and staff in the Humanities Department during the 2011 Campus Community Campaign. The interest earned on the Endowment provides a scholarship for a graduate student in Humanities, known as the Zaslove Graduate Scholarship. Jerry Zaslove was an original member of the Humanities Program at SFU and helped lead its development into a Department. He also took a leading role in the establishment of the Institute for the Humanities at SFU and the J.S. Woodsworth Chair in Humanities.

Donation Impact

This scholarship is intended to provide financial support for graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence in their pursuit of a master's or doctoral degree in the Department of Global Humanities.


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