Graduate Student Caucus

The Global Humanities Graduate Caucus (GHGC) represents all graduate students in the Department of Global Humanities. All our MA students can participate in and be elected to the GHGC, thus shaping their own graduate experience. 

All enrolled graduate students at SFU are also members of the Graduate Student Society (GSS) and can run for the GSS Senate to play an active and supportive role within the GSS. Graduate participation helps ensure the continuing positive impact of the GSS on the experiences of present and future graduate students in Global Humanities.

Graduate representation

GSS Caucus Funding

The primary mandate of the GSS is to provide services and advocacy for its members. Every semester, the GSS allocates funds to all active caucuses, who can then put forward initiatives to decide how the funding is used.

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Available Funding

Core Caucus Funding

The GSS guarantees annual Core Funding to active Caucuses for activities of your choice.  Core funding is allocated based on total membership fees collected from each department.

Caucus Trust Account

A Caucus Trust Account is similar to a bank account that the GSS provides to Caucuses. This service saves Caucuses the hassle and security issues of maintaining an external bank account or keeping cash on hand. You can store funds raised by a Caucus and request them at any time via the regular Cheque Requisition process. Trust Accounts represent cash in the bank, and the money is held for your Caucus until you want to use it.

Grants to Caucuses

The GSS provides grants of up to $750 to Caucuses to help fund a wide variety of professional development events and projects meant to directly benefit and strengthen your Caucus as a whole.

Note: you must apply BEFORE your event occurs.

Caucus Governance

The basic governance structure for a Caucus should include a set of governing documents (e.g., Constitution or Bylaws), elected officers, and a structure for holding meetings to vote on issues.

Caucus Orientations

The GSS hosts semesterly orientations that are open to all new (and returning) officers. At these sessions, they walk you through best practices, suggest ways to get your students involved, and tell you about the funding opportunities available from the GSS.

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