Archived below are activities, projects, and initiatives organized by our students and members of the Humanities Student Union (HUMSU).

Student Newsletter

Re-engaging the community

The HUMSU started this amazing initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to connect students, instructors, faculty members, and staff during the challenging time by inviting them to share their experiences.

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* HUMSU Newsletter Vol. 1.pdf
"Community Over COVID" Newsletter
* HUMSU Newsletter Vol. 2.pdf
"Community Over Injustice" Newsletter

Academic Journal

The HUMSU publishes inter/tidal., an academic interdisciplinary journal that showcases poetic and prosaic pieces, visual art, as well as short crtical essays. The journal is currently on hiatus.

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Recent Socials and Events

2022 Activities

Drop-in Meet & Greet | Sep 21 @ 10:30–11:30AM | AQ 6205, SFU Burnaby

Come by the Global Humanities Lounge for our drop-in "meet and greet" to meet some awesome, like-minded people and learn about some of the student union positions that are available. There will be free coffee and donuts, and a chance to win a gift basket!

Past socials and events

2021 Activities

Virtual Game Night | Mar 25 @ 6:30PM | Via Zoom, Registration Required

Join us for a night of Jackbox, Among Us, and more! All attendees will be entered into a random draw for e-gift card prizes. Brought to you by the Humanities Student Union, World Literature and Languages Student Union, and Global Asia Studies Student Union.

Virtual Career Night | Jul 13 @ 6:30PM | Via Zoom, Registration Required

We are hosting a Career Night! Discuss future careers and opportunities with Humanities professors and alumni to see what a Humanities degree can offer. Attendees will be entered into a raffle for e-gift cards for the SFU Bookstore and more!

Drop-in Meet & Greet | Sep 28 @ 2:30–4:00PM | AQ 6205, SFU Burnany

Come by the Humanities Lounge for our drop-in "meet and greet"! Meet the Humanities Student Union Execs, Humanities professors, and other Humanities students and get to know our department better. Individually-wrapped goodie bags will be up for grabs! Note: as per COVID-19 safety guidelines, masks are required and contact tracing will be in effect.

Halloween Movie Night | Oct 28 @ 6:30PM | Images Theatre, SFU Burnaby | Registration Required

Ready for a spooky good time? We're very excited to be collaborating with the History Student Union for a special Halloween movie night! Vote on movie and pizza selection when you register! Note: COVID-19 safety protocols, such as contact tracing and social distancing, will be in effect.

2020 Activities

Humanities Student Union Club's Day | Jan 15 @ 11:00AM–3:00PM | Table 93, Saywell Hall, SFU Burnaby

Who's excited about Club's Day?! Find our table in Saywell Hall on Wednesday if you are interested in learning more about our union and becoming a part of the team.

Humanities Student Union Club's Day | Jan 16 @ 11:00AM–3:00PM | Table 15, Renaissance Cafe, SFU Burnaby

Join us again for Club's Day! Find our table at Renaissance Cafe on Thursday to make new connections and learn more about our union and upcoming events.

Humanities Student Union General Meeting | Jan 27 @ 11:00AM–1:00PM | AQ 5118, SFU Burnaby

If you are curious about the Humanities Student Union, come to our General Meeting to learn about the available executive positions in our upcoming election! You can voice your opinion on upcoming events and how we can get more people involved, as well as connect with others and, most importantly, eat free food!

High Tea with Bob Ross | Mar 5 @ 5:30–7:30PM | AQ 6106, SFU Burnaby

Join us for the perfect combo: tea, snacks, and Bob Ross! Everyone welcomed. Brought to you by the Humanities Student Union and World Languages and Literature Student Union.

Humanities Student Trivia Night | Mar 26 @ 4:30–6:30PM | GSS Lounge, MBC 2212, SFU Burnaby (Cancelled Due to COVID-19)

Come for Trivia Night and earn prizes! Open to everyone. Free pizza and snacks provided. Brought to you by the Humanities Graduate Student Caucus and Humanities Student Union.

Virtual Jeopardy Night | Oct 20 @ 7:00PM PST | VIA Zoom, Registration Required

Brought to you by the Humanities Student Union. Join us for a game of Jeopardy with questions from all areas of the humanities! Participants will be randomly split into teams, with one member from each team playing per round. Every member from the winning team will win a prize! If we have enough players, we will even award prizes to the top 3 teams so spread the word because the more people that participate, the more prizes will be up for grabs!

2019 Activities

Humanities Student Union Meeting| Nov 12 @ 2:30PM | AQ 5118, SFU Burnaby

After 7 years, the Humanities Student Union is back! Come to our first meeting where we will be updating our constitution, planning our first event, and discussing leadership roles. Snacks will be provided.

Department of Humanities Meet & Greet | Dec 2 @ 2:00–4:00PM | AQ 5118, SFU Burnaby

Meet professors, TA's, and fellow students at our upcoming meet and greet to learn more about the department and get study tips, along with free hot chocolate, coffee, and cookies! Brought to you by the Humanities Student Union.