global humanities ma program

Thesis-based research

Welcome to graduate studies in Global Humanities. Our Master of Arts (MA) Program is suited to students who wish to pursue specific and advanced cross-disciplinary, text-based research projects. It enables specialization in a period or theme in the context of a strong grounding in the humanistic tradition from ancient Greece to the modern period in different cultures. Structured around three primary thematic modules (classical, medieval, and Renaissance thought and culture; Asian thought and culture; and modernity and its discontents) to which courses are linked, the program aims to train students to think critically in different disciplines, historical periods, and cultures.

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Is graduate studies in Global Humanities for you?

The Global Humanities MA Program is designed for students wishing to pursue specific cross-disciplinary, text- and problem-based research projects that culminate in a well-written, high-quality, and satisfying thesis. We believe that students should write a thesis rather than simply an extended research paper. It is in the thesis that the interdisciplinary enquiries undertaken in coursework can be synthesized into significant research and, therefore, a strong foundation in the chosen field.

The program prepares students for more than just doctoral work. Our graduates have built a wide range of careers, including primary, secondary, and college education, editing and publishing, media industries, and public and civil service. Through its rigorous training in critical thinking, interpretive and documentary methods, and effective writing and speaking, the Global Humanities MA Program cultivates skills essential to almost every profession.

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accelerated master's

SFU students currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program may be eligible to take graduate courses and count them towards their bachelor's and an SFU master's. This typically allows students to complete their credentials 4 to 12 months faster.

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What do we have to offer?

Program Overview

Graduate studies in Global Humanities offer an introduction to the necessary tools of higher scholarship in fields such as:

  • Classical, medieval, and renaissance thought and culture
  • Asian literary and religious traditions
  • Modernity and its critique
  • Social and political thought
  • Religion and culture
  • Humanities and citizenship
  • Humanities and the environment

Ours is a program that relies on one-on-one mentorship and small cohorts of students, and believes in an active intellectual community, within and beyond the classroom, to which both graduate students and faculty regularly contribute. 

Those students wanting to proceed to doctoral work elsewhere will find that the program serves as a bridge to higher graduate work by preparing them for the rigors and challenges of producing a doctoral thesis and providing them with the interdisciplinary foundation they need to apply for and accomplish such work. Those pursuing graduate studies for professional or personal reasons will find the Global Humanities MA a good vehicle to achieve their goals.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the many events hosted by the Institute for the Humanities and SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies, both of which are affiliated with the Department of Global Humanities. Such events include academic conferences, public lectures, small-group seminars, and round-table discussions. 

Our students also have access to funding in the form of grants and fellowships, teaching assistantships, tutor-marker positions, research assistantships, and other forms of financial support.

Looking for Doctoral supervision instead?

While the Department of Global Humanities does not offer a doctoral degree, its faculty regularly step outside departmental boundaries to join academic committees formed in SFU's doctoral-degree-granting departments. Global Humanities faculty may also serve as senior supervisors to doctoral students who wish to enroll in SFU's Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies (INS) Program.

Working closely with a supervisor from the Department of Global Humanities, students seeking admission in the INS Program will enjoy the flexibility and varied academic expertise that comes with working across departments while becoming full members of our rich scholarly community.

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